For those of you who love that golden glow Ive decided to do a post on some of my favourite bronzers.

The key to achieving that faux glow is choosing the correct bronzer for your skin colour and tone and then applying it correctly. Always keep in mind that the purpose of a bronzer is to make you look healthier and sun kissed not to actually make u look bronze. To achieve this, choose a bronzer about one shade dark than your skin colour. If you are very fair be careful with bronzers that are brown or red as they may make you look muddy.

Once you’ve found the right bronzer, use a fluffy brush and apply it to your face concentrating on the temples, cheekbones, jawline and without double dipping lightly over the nose and chin. Remember to add a bit onto your neck and if you are wearing your hair in a ponytail add a touch to your ears as well.

My favourite bronzers at the moment :

Laura mercier bronzing powder
Marc Jacobs bronzer
Too faced bronzers
Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer
Nars Laguna bronzer for the ultimate healthy glow. It was recently launched in a limited edition duo with a mini version of the famous nars Ita brush. 😍😍

Happy bronzing!!

Lots of love

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