Easter Workshops

We’ve  had such a fun filled two weeks with our level 1 makeup masterclasses!! It was such a pleasure meeting all you wonderful girls and watching you transform yourself!!

The best thing about doing these workshops is loving what I do. Each day is like a girls day out, ladies arrive bright and early @ 9am, and after a little coffee we start our day. The workshop this easter was for beginners, covering the basics and perfecting the most popular looks out there. The ladies are very eager to try the new products and we spend good time testing products etc. I am going to put up some testimonials soon from all my lovely starlets. Please check my instagram.

I love seeing the look of amazement on a person’s face once they finally get to hide those bothersome dark circles or watch their face light up as they contour their way to that perfect cheekbone.

We were lucky to have the talented @rsrcreations cater for us and her food was amazing. Anyone who attended will tell you that her lunch was nothing short of perfect!

I really apologise that I could not fit in more classes. I felt so sad to have to turn so many of you down. I promise to try and return from Dubai as soon as I can for  a new set of classes.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Keep having fun with your makeup.


Mwahh!! Raeesah

Practice session

Practice session









Theres always time for makeup

I haven’t posted anything for a while, time just slips away when you having fun, between travel and workshops I have not been able to reach my laptop. I promise i will be back in no time to let you guys in on all my little tips, tricks and great finds and everything thats been happening. please follow my instagram to know whats the latest from me and my team.

lots of love… Raeeesah

Charlotte’s Magic

Truly magic in a bottle. This one is definitely worth all the hype that has surrounded it. It gives you such an amazing glow and leaves your skin soft and radiant. Its a secret mix of anti aging ingredients, I won’t get into the chemistry of it, but the bottom line is that it stimulates collagen production, cell energy and fights free radicals to reduce those wrinkly bits. This moisturiser re-plumps and offers a subtle SPF15. Pricey but worth it! Charlotte Tillbury recommends applying this magic cream in a unique way. Instead of just slapping it on like normal moisturiser follow the link to learn how to do a 5 minute workout for your face. This Wonder Workout stimulates micro-circulation, decongests puffy skin, relaxes facial muscles and delivers the ingredients deeper into the skin to boost collagen.


Dior Nude Air

Dior does it again!!! I am fast becoming a great fan of the Dior foundations. The Dior star is a staple in my makeup routine and now I’ve added the nude air to my favorites. It’s a light to medium coverage serum foundation that allows your skin to breathe while you wear it!!! In addition it claims to treat to your skin as you use it. This is a good option for everyday use when you want to avoid a heavy foundation. Letting your skin breathe is of outmost importance. Try using a tinted moisturiser or bb cream on days where u can afford to give foundation a miss.


Scarlet Fever

One of the Must Have colors for this season is the Scarlet Empress from Nars. Its a Semi matte lipstick with a velvety color. Nars lipsticks always leave my lips feeling hydrated and nourished. I am in love with this burgundy lip and smokey eye trend that is taking the make up world by storm. Pair this bold lip with softer eye makeup or the other way around. The best part: it will suit all skin colours and leave you feeling extra sexy for that night out!



The Essence of Makeup

There are three things every girl needs, a good pair of heels, a gorgeous handbag and a lipstick that makes a statement. As far back as I can remember I have always loved applying make up, be it on myself or others. Not the garish, scary, empty the pot of foundation on your face kind of make up,but just enough to give you an extra boost of confidence and let your inner glow shine through. To me, make up is not about covering up who you are, but instead enhancing your natural beauty and magnifying your essence. Since the day I completed my course the most popular thing I’ve heard is ‘please you HAVE to teach me how to apply my makeup.’ I realised that most of us who don’t have time to do a full makeup course still want to learn how to apply our makeup like a pro. This was where the makeup workshop and masterclass idea was born. It has been a truly exciting and rewarding journey. I love the way a person face lights up when their eyeshadow blends perfectly or their look of amazement as they contour and sculpt their way to that perfect cheekbone. I hope the product reviews and advices that follow will help simplify the sometimes overwhelming world of makeup. For that extra special bit I hope to meet you all soon at one of our local or international classes. My dream is to share my secrets with each and every one of you so that you can look and feel your best everyday.

Chin Up Sweetie, You’re BEAUTIFUL!!