Christian Dior Private Collection

One of my favorite perfume collections of all time is the Christian Dior private collection. These perfumes have been created by one of the best perfumers in the world, Francois Demachy. Each scent is unique, some are gentle and soft while others take your senses on a whirlwind ride and leave you wanting more. Even though the private collection has been out for a long time its still one of the best out there. They are available in Dior boutiques and some department stores like Bloomingdales in Dubai and Edgars in Sandton.

Dior has recently created 4 concentrated perfume elixirs. These are perfumed oils that come in 4 scents: musk, oud, rose and amber. They are highly concentrated, long lasting and have a potent smell. The oils are widely used in the Middle East as only a few drops are required to last the day. The best way to use them is to apply a few drops of the oil to the skin followed by a spray of one of the perfumes from the private collection. This process will result in an enhanced, longer lasting fragrance.

My favourite oils are the Oud and Rose. The Rose can be complimented with the Bois D’Argent perfume and the Oud with Gris Montaigne. Oud Ispahan perfume by itself is simply delightful and a must have. Price… its expensive but they last a long time, I prefer to buy the largest bottles of the perfume to ensure more value for money.

Lotsa love Raeesah ☺


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