Mini Bag Mania!

The  Fast growing Street style trend of sporting your favourite designer handbag in a teeny tiny size is hard to resist! Converting to the minis and nanos of the fashion world might take some extra effort for those of us who instinctively reach for the largest bag our arms can carry! The bigger bag trend […]


Espadrille Obsessed!!

I was recently gifted a pair of gorgeous Louboutin espadrilles that made the shoe addict in me smile from ear to ear. I instantly fell in love and rushed out to add the white to my collection! Espadrilles are making a huge comeback and I’m obsessed!! The infamous and much coveted Chanel espadrille is the […]

Moynat Atelier


My must have bag for 2015 is the Moynat Rejane. Made in France, It takes a single craftsman over 20 hours to make a Réjane, including cutting, assembling, stitching and finishing the bag. Lining and interlining is made of leather. The inside of the handle is sculpted leather. Moynat is one of the oldest trunk makers in world […]

Louboutin Charme

My twist on Louboutin Charme

So that a women can wear it as a piece of jewelry, to adorn her lips and adorn herself – Christian Louboutin Is it a Charme? Is it a Lipstick? It’s both!! And phenomenally amazing at that! I don’t know how he does it but Christian Louboutin has created a lipstick on another level. The […]