Makeup Detox


A day without makeup can be quite daunting for many of us but just bare with me while I explain what spurred on my mad makeup detox!
I’ve always been pedantic when it comes to removing my makeup thoroughly each day and those who’ve attended my class will know how much I stress on taking makeup free days or opting for tinted moisturizer just to give your skin a break! You might be surprised to know that even though I’m a makeup artist, I don’t wear makeup everyday and strongly believe in keeping your skin healthy at all costs!
I recently came across an experiment in which a lady did not remove her makeup for 30 days. Tests done on her skin cells before and after showed that her skin had aged 10 years in that short time!! Shocking I know!
That was when I decided to begin my makeup detox week!! I decided to have a week free of makeup to allow my skin the opportunity to heal and breath! I can’t lie, I did miss my extra long lashes and rosy cheeks but it was definitely worth it. My skin felt healthier and more luminous given the chance to absorb the skin care products without any distractions!
I really do recommend taking time off your makeup. Not the typical advice you would expect from a makeup blog I know, but bare in mind everything needs to breathe, especially your skin. If you can’t manage an entire week, try a day here and there or opt for lighter products to creams! Another option, if you really can’t bare to go without, is using healthy,mineral based products during the week and saving the heavier items for weekends or special occasions!
Have a glowing week!
Lotsa love