How to: Lashes

Fake lashes are so popular at the moment and with good reason. Who doesn’t want to add a smokier look to their eye or a more dramatic flirt to their wink?

The difficult part with lashes are applying them correctly and making sure they’re comfy. Remember practice makes perfect, first timers seldom get it right the first time round.

Start by choosing a good lash. The better the quality of the lash the more comfy it will be. Next ensure the length of the lash matches your eye size. Cut a bit off the end if need be. Make sure to use a really good lash glue. Duo is an all time favourite but recently Huda lash glue is the ultimate!! Apply glue to the lash. You can either apply it to the back of your hand and run the lash through the glue or apply glue directly to the lash. Give it about 5 seconds to dry slightly then place it onto the base of your eyelid and hold for a bit until the glue dries sufficiently. Use a tweezer to press the false lashes closer to your natural lashes if need be. If you prefer even more drama you can add another set of lashes and then mascara to the lashes once the glue is dry.

Huda lashes are my favourite at the moment and her new mink lashes are to die for!!! They’re available at sephora in Dubai or email us to place orders. Other popular lashes are Velour lashes and the ones by Lily Ghalichi.

Happy fluttering!

Lotsa love