Gucci Makeup Cleanser

Applying makeup can be fun and exciting but don’t forget that removing all your makeup each day is even more important. It is imperitive that you allow your skin time to breathe. For this reason a good makeup remover is of outmost importance!!

A few months ago I did a post on Instagram on the Gucci makeup remover! I have not changed my mind that to date it’s the best remover I’ve tried!! I can not stress this enough. It is amaazinnggg!! I know the worst part for me each evening is getting off the awful eyeliner and mascara. This Gucci remover does it is one or two swipes!! There’s no need for unnecessary tugging or pulling at your eyes and its cuts down makeup removal time to a fraction!!

This has become a staple in my life and I highly recommend you try it as well. The downside is the slightly high price tag but if you have extra to splurge this baby is worth it!

Try it out and let me know what you think

Lotsa love