Huda Beauty Lip Contour

It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with the flawless UAE blogger Huda Kattan and her lip contour range is no different! She recently launched her set of lip contours which sold out worldwide within moments. And with good reason! The colours are beautiful, the texture sublime and the staying power just incredible!


Each lip contour is a creamy lip pencil that goes on matte and doesn’t move an inch once it’s set! Huda Beauty Lip Contour comes in 9 different shades featured below from left to right: Vixen,Video Star, Icon, Trophy wife, Gossip Gurl, Trendsetter, Bombshell, Cheerleader, Famous.


I’ve been using them in 3 different ways since I got my hands on them.

1. Use them as a lip liner with any lipstick or gloss already in your collection.

2. Apply the lip contour all over the lip as a long lasting matte lip colour.

3. My favourite way: Choose 2 colours of the amazing contour. Apply the darker colour along the outside of the lips. Add small vertical lines in between the lip as well. Apply the second lighter colour over and blend a bit. Overall effect: your lips look fuller and your pout is puffier!  Voila: your lips are now contoured!!!

I’m so excited about this new product and look forward to all the new and amazing things she will share with us in the future! Her amazing personality and vaste knowledge makes her one of my favourite beauty bloggers of all time!!

The contours are scheduled to restock soon. My advice: get your hands on 1 or all ASAP!!


Lots of love