Louboutin Charme

My twist on Louboutin Charme

So that a women can wear it as a piece of jewelry, to adorn her lips and adorn herself – Christian Louboutin

Is it a Charme? Is it a Lipstick? It’s both!! And phenomenally amazing at that! I don’t know how he does it but Christian Louboutin has created a lipstick on another level. The texture is the the most nourishing and rich I’ve ever tried! It’s long lasting, comes in an array of colours and it doesn’t hurt that the packaging is most beautiful and creative to date! The metal body of the lipstick was designed to rest comfortably in your hand, allowing for a controlled and graceful application. And it gets better!

Initially created as a charm to be worn around your neck, I’ve decided to add my own twist to these beautiful golden gems and use them as a Charme on my bags!!! Every bag needs a charm to add a finishing touch. The Louboutin Charme will rock any bag you add it to, from your Loubis to your Louis. As an added bonus, it makes for convenient lipstick application as you no longer need to go digging through your bag for a quick touch up.


Thanks to the help of the amazing team at level shoe district in Dubai I came home with a load of products, swatches and knowledge! We all deserve a touch of luxury to our lips. I’ve added some swatches to help you decide on your ideal colour!

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I also purchased one of the lip liners. The lip liner automatically sharpens on opening and closing of the cap! The concept behind how it works, is genius!! You only need to buy one, in a colour that matches your skin tone. The liner is designed to enhance the natural contour of the lip and not compete with the lip colour. This means you can wear it with any lip colour and it will save you a fortune as you won’t need individual liners to match your lipsticks.

Christian Louboutin never ceases to amaze! The incredible thought that goes into each item he creates results in the most unique treasures!

They’re avaiable at Sephora in the states, the level shoe district in dubai and @laboutiquedemaquillage in South Africa.

Hope you find your perfect pout!

Lotsa love


Louboutin Lips

From the man who brought us red soles, now we have a lipstick on the horizon.
During 2014 Mr Louboutin wanted to give back to the beauty industry what he had borrowed to make his delightful shoe range, the red color on the soles of his shoes.
We fell in love with nail polish range just as quick as we fell for the shoes, now it seems that the beauty range is expanding. A lipstick would be the perfect fit for Louboutin following his nail polish. The lipstick is a wearable piece of makeup it doubles as a ring or a pendant, and is destined to be an iconic red lipstick.
A few lucky souls have got their hands on it so far, we will have to wait to get our hands on the rest of the 38 shades of the Louboutin lip collection . Expected date of debut end of September 2015, Approximate pricing about $90… Cant wait!

Love Raeesah