Makeup, Don’t FakeUp

With the increasingly large numbers of fake cosmetics flooding the Market, health risks have increased tremendously! What could begin as an exciting new product trial can turn into a disastrous nightmare!! I was devastated to find out how many people had been conned into buying fake makeup unknowingly. At each of my makeup classes there was at least one victim and that’s what inspired me to start where I could personally guarantee each and every product myself!

While fake bags and clothes can’t harm you, the use of fake cosmetics is a cause of real concern. While the original products will usually be packed with good ingredients fake cosmetics can expose your skin to harmful ingredients like cyanide, arsenic, rat poison, urine or lead that definitely shouldn’t be in your household, much less your makeup!

Unfortunately, it’s becoming extremely tough to spot fake makeup at first glance. Ive listed a few guidelines that will hopefully help you steer clear of falling into the trap of using these hazardous products unknowingly!

1. Consider the market price:
If the price of the item you’re purchasing is way below market price and it sounds too good to be true, chances are it probably is!

2. Buy from reliable sources:
Choose retailers that are reliable and in good standing. No fly by nights! Some just pop up to make a buck and are gone the next day.

3. Look closely at the packaging:
As close as the replicas get, there are always slight differences in packaging to the original. The quality of the material used, the fonts and colours are usually a good indication. Bad spelling, Uneven Fonts and inconsistent patterns are a dead giveaway. Sometimes you see a version of a product that the brand itself never ever had.

4.  Test the product:
If you’ve already purchased something try testing it out. To maintain a lower price, replicas usually compromise on quality and the product could apply patchy and of a poorer quality to the original. Fakes tend to have a lesser pigment payoff or a slightly different shade.

5. Please avoid makeup sold at China Malls and the like. China has strict laws for products being sold in china and product manufactured in China as well, but products with harmful ingredients are found in our local markets originating from China.

I always advise my students to rather opt for a cheaper alternative from a drug store, one that has undergone testing and gained the necessary health approvals, than buying fake makeup!!

Be careful and make wise decisions!!

Lots of Love Raeesah 🙂

Makeup Detox


A day without makeup can be quite daunting for many of us but just bare with me while I explain what spurred on my mad makeup detox!
I’ve always been pedantic when it comes to removing my makeup thoroughly each day and those who’ve attended my class will know how much I stress on taking makeup free days or opting for tinted moisturizer just to give your skin a break! You might be surprised to know that even though I’m a makeup artist, I don’t wear makeup everyday and strongly believe in keeping your skin healthy at all costs!
I recently came across an experiment in which a lady did not remove her makeup for 30 days. Tests done on her skin cells before and after showed that her skin had aged 10 years in that short time!! Shocking I know!
That was when I decided to begin my makeup detox week!! I decided to have a week free of makeup to allow my skin the opportunity to heal and breath! I can’t lie, I did miss my extra long lashes and rosy cheeks but it was definitely worth it. My skin felt healthier and more luminous given the chance to absorb the skin care products without any distractions!
I really do recommend taking time off your makeup. Not the typical advice you would expect from a makeup blog I know, but bare in mind everything needs to breathe, especially your skin. If you can’t manage an entire week, try a day here and there or opt for lighter products to creams! Another option, if you really can’t bare to go without, is using healthy,mineral based products during the week and saving the heavier items for weekends or special occasions!
Have a glowing week!
Lotsa love

Charlotte Tilbury

I’ve been using this range for just over a year now and I find myself always heading back to their gorgeous counter in selfridges when I visit London. This uk brand does not dissappoint and I would put some of her products right up their with my much loved Tom Fords!! Here is a quick overview of her most popular products.

My favourite item in her brand are the eyeshadow quads. The texture is luxurious, easily blendable and the pop of glitter to transform your look from day to night is my favourite part. As many of you are aware I’ve been attending many makeup masterclasses recently and was very excited to see how fond celebrity makeup artists are of these little eyeshadow quads as well. Used alone or mixed with any of your other pallettes these eyeshadows will produce a gorgeous look.  My top 3 shades are the Dolce Vita, Vintage Vamp and Golden Goddess. She also labels each colour (1 . Prime 2. Enhance 3.Smoke 4. Pop) so even beginners can navigate easily through each pallette.

Another item that I’m fond of is the filmstar bronze and glow. The lighter side is perfection and adds a beautiful, subtle glow to your look. The darker shade is slightly too shimmery to be a contour but makes a gorgeous bronzer!

The foundations are very similar to the chanel aqua vitalumiere but slightly more coverage. I still prefer my dior star, tom ford, hourglass, ellisfaas and chanel to these.

For those of you who avoid lip liners because you feel that it dries your lips out you will love the velvety texture of her lip cheats!

Her rock and kohl liners are waterproof, creamy and long lasting. They don’t smudge as easily as most other pencils. The nude is ideal to give you an instantly more awake look!

The glosses have a thicker texture which makes them a little longer lasting than normal glosses. The matte revolution lipsticks have recently won a cosmo beautylab award! The colour range is worth a look at!

The blushes have a very luxurious texture due the finely milled powder they’re made of. They are definately a favourite! Each one also comes with two colours, an outer colour, the swish and a brighter center, the pop.This is such a fun way to apply blusher!

If you are a newbie to the range I recommend you begin with the eyeshadows!! They are awesome!!

Lotsa Love


How Long does your makeup last?

Many of you have been asking me about the period of time your makeup should be kept before it becomes toxic. Liquids are more prone to growing bacteria than powders, especially if used on sensitive areas where infections can spread easily like your eyes.


Below I’ve added a list of approximate lengths of times you should keep different items in your makeup collection. Hope they help:

Foundation: 12 months. If the foundation  starts to smell weird dispose of it immediately! A good tip for acne or sensitive prone skin to replace your foundation every 6 months as the older formulas tend to irritate the skin more than newer ones!

Liquid concealer: 12 months.

Blush: 2 years

Powder: 2 years

Liquid liners: 6 months

Mascara: 3 to 6 months. Liquid products used on the eye are at most risk of spreading infection. Pencil liners can be kept upto 2 years.

Lipstick: 2 years

Lipgloss: 1 year

Eyeshadows: 2 years

In general liquid products need replacing more often than powders. Keep a close eye on the products you use. If they start to look, feel or smell different is probably best to say good-bye.

Have fun with your makeup but remember to keep your skin happy and healthy 🙂

Lots of love