Makeupforever Aqua Experience

Makeup forever products have been a staple in my kit for a long time and are growing more popular with each workshop.

I have always been a fan of the MUF eye shadows because of their brilliant quality, pigment intensity and the ease with which they blend! The new range of bronzers have also made it to my popularly used draw and the mattifying primer is a savior for oily skin.

I was recently invited to the Aqua event at the Armani Hotel in Dubai. I spent a lovely afternoon playing around with the full Aqua range and thought I’d share my views on my favorite parts.

The Aqua range is a collection of creams, eye liners, lip liners, lip stains, mascaras and aquamatic pens that are waterproof and super long lasting. The great thing about the range is that even though they are waterproof, they are not drying on the skin and still go on looking silky!


The Aqua range has something for everyone. Exciting bold colors for daring looks as well as the more nuetral shades for your classy looks.

The creams pots are amazing. They go on smooth and blend easily. Remember to blend quickly after you place them because once they dry they won’t budge!! You can use them on the eyes, lips and cheeks so the product is good value for money too. It’s a handy item for makeup artists to have on hand. One pot of the fushia cream in your kit can be multi tasked as a blush, lipstick and eyeshadow base.

I was very impressed with the exciting colours and finishes of the liquid liners too! You can create any look you can think of with these and they’re especially fun for those double or triple lines. I tried the gold metallic one above my black liner and the finished look was so catwalk I went and bought the colour immediately.

The lip stains and liners are long lasting and the colour range is extensive. There is something for everyone. I love how the numbers correlate so it’s easy to match colours. They also aren’t as drying as some of the other brands out there.

The new aquamatic range is super convenient for on the go makeup. It is easy to apply straight from the pen and is small enough to pop into your bag when you’re on the move. It’s comes in a variety of colours, cobalt blue being my weakness at the moment.


Overall the range does not disappoint. The colour range is extensive, the texture of the products are creamy and most importantly it’s long lasting. Don’t forget, as with any waterproof makeup, you will need an oil based makeup cleanser to remove it. Also allow for a longer time to remove waterproof makeup as the task is slightly tougher as than normal makeup. The range is amazing for makeup artists who want their makeup to be long lasting and rich in colour as well as for people living in super humid conditions like Dubai where your makeup tends to melt by the minute.

The makeupforever team has so graciously sponsored me with the full aquamatic range. I can’t wait to try out fun looks with them and look forward to our guests trying them out at the upcoming classes! I am also eagerly awaiting the launch of the new ultra HD foundation. The regular HD one is so impressive I can’t begin to imagine the possibilities for the new one!!

Makeup forever is currently available online, at sephora and also at their stand alone store at Dubai mall. A portion of the range can be found at metropolitan in Sandton with the full range promising to hit South African shores soon.

Lotsa Love Raeesah 🙂