Mini Bag Mania!

The  Fast growing Street style trend of sporting your favourite designer handbag in a teeny tiny size is hard to resist! Converting to the minis and nanos of the fashion world might take some extra effort for those of us who instinctively reach for the largest bag our arms can carry! The bigger bag trend of the past had the benefit of fitting all our daily essentials and then some, without a second thought! Just throw it all in and you’re good to go!!

The mini bag, however, requires a bit more planning and skill. An IPhone, sunglasses, credit card and gloss is about as much as you’ll manage to squeeze in! However, the hint of sophistication added by these adorable armcandies make it well worth the effort.

As much love as I have for these mini’s, I am in no way ready to completely forsake my huge totes! I’ve found its all about balance. Keep the carryalls for school runs and soccer practice and whip out the nano’s for more ladylike adventures!

I’ve rounded up my top ten mini must haves  but with the way things are going I’m sure this list will keep growing!!

Hope you find the perfect mini masterpiece ❤❤

  1. Fend Peekaboo Mini


2. Moynat Rejane mini


3. Gucci Mini Top Handle


4. Fendi Micro

10986098_449755421839890_122379201_n 8802719334430

5. Michael Kors Ava Mini Bag


6. Zara City bag

zara mini city

7. Zara Embossed City bag

zara mini embossed city bag

8. Louis Vuitton mini capucine

3U5A0415 IMG_1696

9. Chanel Round Messenger


10. Louis Vuitton Palm Springs mini backpack/crossbody


Moynat Atelier


My must have bag for 2015 is the Moynat Rejane. Made in France, It takes a single craftsman over 20 hours to make a Réjane, including cutting, assembling, stitching and finishing the bag. Lining and interlining is made of leather. The inside of the handle is sculpted leather.

Moynat is one of the oldest trunk makers in world established in 1849 well known for its hand crafted made to order leather goods and trunks. The company had become world renowned for their Automobile luggage in the early 1900’s. The house of Moynat closed their boutique doors In 1976 and the brand lay dormant until the it was revived by LVMH in 2011. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of Moynat’s Quattro’s which has become a necessity in my collection. For those who want a bag a little more exclusive and not as wide spread as other luxury brands, find a Moynat. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of the Rejane’s